Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some people are just accident prone ....

and I am one of them. As previously mentioned I have done some silly things in the name of sewing.
Example - getting my hair caught in the take up lever

Example - sewing through my own fingernail

Example - sewing the foot into a twisted circle of tee shirt and having to remove it from the garment in order to continue sewing.

In retrospect I should have taken pictures of all of these events. But today I am focused on the last one.

I was working on this design for my daughter and it was going relatively well. Then the extra fabric jumped out of no where and I didn't catch it until it was twisted and the hip fabric was sewn to the back fabric.

My most favorite tool of all time - the one and only seam ripper came to my rescue and together we removed the foot from the shirt and put it back on the machine. But now I have these crazy little holes in the back right hip of her her shirt.

They didn't photograph well, but there are 5 little holes in a 1" x 1" square. I must hide them. Fix them. Somehow disguise them. And it must be done in a way fashionable for an almost 11 year old girl.


- a tiny corresponding embroidery
- add some bits of reverse applique
- try some fun little patches
- hem the shirt

I will try anything. She picked out the shirt and the design and I really don't want to disappoint.

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