Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just a little something else

So now that I know the chocolate hummingbirds are destined for throw pillows I keep looking at the fabric - and it needs a little something. Like a touch of navy. So I am thinking a coordinating navy fabric and a touch of embroidery.

The fabric is easy, I have plenty leftover from the previous pillow project. But the embroidery, needs to fit with the hummingbirds and the room. So I have been looking through the embroidery collections on my shelf searching for one that screams modern and organic. None of them are screaming. Then I looked at Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Collection #204 Elegant Art.

The designs are organic and a bit sketchy. But none of them are perfect. They are all way too big for this particular project, but have such potential. #10 is my favorite so far, the needlework is lovely and the components are unique.


  1. Hello Jen, I agree, thosew designs are lovely. Have you thought about editing them if you have the software? you could take out the leaves and do something new with them.
    I find it hard to like the designs in the colours suggested in the book, but once I use my own, POW!
    Lovely blog, would you mind if I post a link on our HUsqvarna Viking page on Facebook?

  2. Hi Jayne!
    Great minds think alike - I keep looking at the leaves or the little vine pieces ....

    Link away.

    Happy sewing,