Monday, February 15, 2010

Little bits of blue

So I went through the design and pulled out my three favorite bits - a looped vine like piece, a striped and dotted leaf, and a flower with nice needle work edges.

And of course being able to use the software to pull them out wasn't enough - I had to play with the sizing as well. Because I can do that. Not just the 20% scaling that the embroidery machine can do, but really play with the size until I found what I thought might work well with the fabric.

Here they are test stitched - because even having made them the sizes I think I want I had to test stitch the designs out. Nothing really helps me envision a project like seeing the designs in thread.

So far the looped vine is my favorite. But I am thinking I will plan out a pillow, stitch on the actual fabric and go from there.

With this project I am really trying to relax and enjoy the process and not worry about getting the pillows done. This one is about learning some of the software and making something fun for me with fabric I really like.

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