Friday, July 17, 2009

Highlight of my day!

Just had to take a moment and share my geekiness.

The "Fight Like a Girl" tank that I embroidered and had the hole issue with, made it into the Flickr round up on Urban Threads!

I know some people think there is no creativity involved in machine embroidery, that it is all plop and drop and the machine does all the work for you and if that was the case I wouldn't be as excited as I am to see that tank top on Urban Threads.

This tank, for me is the perfect argument against that theory. I test stitched the design to get the colors right, and to try to get all of my daughter's requests in (yes, I know if I had software this would not be necessary, but software is a HUGE investment, especially if you don't know how much you will use it).

And let us not forget my moment of clumsiness and the creative solution that added two more embroidery designs to the tank top.

In the end my daughter is happy with a fun summer tank top that she picked out and personalized, I got to be a little creative, and now way more people can see that machine embroidery isn't a piece of cake, but is well worth the process.

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