Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More to do than there are hours in the day

I didn't get the pieces to my summer skirt cut last night. I'm a slacker.

There are three projects I really want to get done this summer: a summer skirt for me, a pool wrap for the princess, and a buttercup bag.

So this week I will:

1. Cut the fabric for my skirt
2. Select the fabric for the buttercup bag
3. Start the pool robe/wrap

This list is so that they all happen before there is snow on the ground.

Aside from these projects there are some sewing toys, I mean tools I want to try. Like the texture hoop, walking foot, ruffler and about a million others that I see every time I walk into a quilt shop or sewing machine dealer.

I also want to take a beginner's quilt class that I saw offered. It only meets twice a month! How could I not fit that in!

But I am jumping ahead. My list only has three to do's so that I can realistically get to them all.

1 comment:

  1. The pool robe is not too difficult!! I don't do button holes on mine, just looped bias tape, left over from the trim! You will get it done! Think positive! :)