Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beads + Crochet = Love

Here it is, the honest to goodness truth. The real reason that aside from everyday life I don't get more sewing done.

There aren't enough hours in the day to sew, bead, crochet, read, cook, play with the kids or relax for the pure joy of it.

Bead crochet has been distracting me. Again. I have a love hate relationship with all of those glorious little pieces of glass. Pick a size, 6, 8, delicas, two cuts, I love them all.

I have been crocheting 6's and 8's into bracelets and necklaces. Here is a bangle that just got finished. I am still working out the finishing. Bangles are ok, but the tension required to make them just doesn't always happen. I am thinking of experimenting with snaps to close the bracelet with. I have tried clasps and large foil beads. I can post some of those another time.

Tonight I will sew. Or at least cut out the pieces for my summer skirt!

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