Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Skirt Sew-Along: Measuring Again

Would you believe that I measured for a Straight Skirt, Fitted Waist when I really wanted the A-Line skirt, Elastic Waist?

And here I couldn't figure out why I needed four pieces of fabric if I was cutting on the fold and why the directions were telling me to add a seam allowance that was already in my measurements. Ooops.

Now the directions make sense

"Because you pull the skirt on over your hips, the waistline is based on your hips (B) instead of your waist (A). The D measurement is the desired length plus 1" (hem) and 2" (waistline casing). Cut two identical pieces (for front and back)."

So let's try this again!

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  1. Oh! That is awful!! I had a similar problem with my sew along skirt...I thought I had enough fabric, but it is a wee bit short! I am not sure if I am going to try and fudge it or just use a different fabric!!