Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Skirt Sew-Along: Taking measurements

I have wanted to make a skirt all summer long, so the sew along is perfect.

I need to start by taking some basic measurements, but I keep procrastinating. How can I make a skirt without a pattern? Yes, I know this is the premise of the book. Yes, I know I have done it for years with Halloween costumes and other miscellaneous projects. But - can I make something worth wearing out of the house without a pattern?

It seems completely logical.

Waist = 36" + 2" seam allowance + 2 " ease = 40" divided by 4 = A
A = 10"

Hips = 48" + 2" seam allowance + 4" ease = 54" divided by 4 = B
B = 13.5"

Waist to hips = 8" + 2" seam allowance = C
C = 10"

Desired length = 19" + 1" hem + 2" seam allowance = D
D = 22"

Some project notes at this point:

- My desired length makes the skirt to my knees. Once the skirt is together I can try it on and see based on the shape if top of knee, knee cap or just below is best.

- I'm a little concerned about the waist measurement. I'm not sure based on my shape if an A starting at my natural waist is a good choice or if it would be better sitting on the top of my hips. Again, worth trying on the skirt and adjusting as necessary.

- Some of the measurements are divided by 4 because the front and back is cut separately, how should I work with the fabric pattern and how careful do I need to be with the seams?

- Based on the fabric I selected for the trial run, does a lining of some sort make sense?

Machine notes:

- There are some machine features I want to use as I work through this skirt.

- The FIX function in sewing mode replaces the need to backstitch (wow).

- The Sewing Advisor "... automatically sets the best stitch, stitch length, stitch width, thread tension, sewing speed and sensor foot pressure for your project. The stitch is displayed on screen with presser foot and needle recommendations."


The next step is to mark out my measurements on the fabric and follow the instructions ....

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