Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Buttercup Bag is coming together!

This bag seems to be taking me forever! But in reality it has been so quick to cut and each step has been rewarding.

Sometimes you sew and the steps don't really make sense, but you follow the pattern hoping for the best. This bag isn't like that at all. Each step has great diagrams and the instructions are just fantastic.

Here are the interfacing and snaps attached to the lining. Next time I will probably use a heavier fabric or use a light weight interfacing on the entire lining. I really like the results I get when I use the Inspira Light and Soft Fuse on stabilizer as an interfacing.

Shaping the lower portion of the exterior of the bag was super simple. Just mark the pleats from the pattern, pin them, and run a few stitches to hold them in place. I'm not sure if it was the size of the pleats, the quantity, or the size of the bag, but making these pleats was easier than any other pattern I have EVER made. Hands down, if you avoid darts or pleats, don't worry about them with this pattern.
I also have to tell you that in the process of making this bag I have found yet another super feature on my Topaz 30. It is this little button with a pair of scissors on it. This little CUT function was so easy and such a time saver. I can not tell you how much I am going to use it when I quilt!

Once the pleats are in place on the lower portion of the bag, the upper portion of the bags is attached. Then that is topstitched and you magically have shaped the exterior of the bag.

From the way this bag is coming together I have to tell you I see more on my to do list in the future!

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  1. It looks great so far....you are making me get over my fear of pleats!! :)