Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sew something!

In the category of good news, my little Buttercup Bag is progressing. And even though it is still slightly pink I am pretty happy with my fabric choice.

The interior and exterior are cut, all that is left is the strap and hopefully I will get to that tonight. It seems like I have been planning and cutting forever and haven't been at my machine in days. I just need to get through this phase and find enough time to make a real dent in this bag. I can't wait to sew something!

In slightly related news ... do you ever have fabric guilt? You picked it out, you either had the perfect project in mind or you stashed it away, then when it is time to use it - you don't want to cut the fabric.
If you cut it, all the potential projects are gone. You are committed to making this one thing with it.

So I finally cut the exterior pieces of my first Buttercup Bag and my scraps still had some of the little flowery shapes intact. I looked at them, and couldn't throw them away! They looked so sad. All their potential was headed straight to the trash can! So I fussy cut them. And saved them.

You may see those little flowers again. Maybe I could use them to practice my applique skills? Try a little raw edge applique on a hoodie for my girl. Or I know my Topaz 30 has three different basic satin stitches and then four different shaped or scalloped ones. Practice makes perfect and machine applique is definitely a technique I would like use in the future.

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