Friday, September 11, 2009

Narrow Zipper Foot Joy

In all of my angst over not getting anything accomplished on the pencil pouch I failed to call out the joy of the Narrow Zipper Foot.

Everyone knows I am a tool junkie. Name it, I've got it. That means in the kitchen (need a mixer - what size? Food processor or mini chopper? Dutch oven or double boiler?) to the bead universe (round nose pliers, English beading needles, crimp pliers, etc.) to now the sewing room.

Accessory presser feet make me swoon. They are tools that make a job seamstresses used to do by hand require mere moments and can now be accomplished by us mortals.

The Narrow Zipper Foot snaps on to my Topaz 30. Snaps on! Are you serious? No screw driver, no ankle change, 10 seconds and a click and I can install a zipper. It gets better - this foot is dual sided. I can snap it one way sew a zipper to the left, unsnap, twirl and sew a zipper to the right.

It is nice and narrow so you can get super close to the zipper teeth making a nice clean zipper. It almost looks professional it is so clean. After I practice a few more I will remove that almost, but for the first zipper I'm in love.

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