Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally monogramming

I am finally monogramming the exterior of the pencil pouch!

And I do mean finally. The Inspira 4D Monogram & Vision is super easy to use - that is not the hold up. The hold up is me. All me. I have designed more than a dozen possible monograms for one silly little pencil pouch. I have played with fonts, colors, sizes, you name it. It has been a great experiment.

So here is the monogramming in action. See those cute little curls? Just one of way too many flourishes and side thingies. I know they have a technical term but I can't think of it right now for the life of me.

And you are correct if you said "Hey - you didn't hoop that fabric!" Nope, again I went with hooping the stabilizer, a little KK2000 and using the baste in the hoop function in the machine.

I just didn't want to deal with those nasty burn marks you get on soft or shiny fabrics when you hoop them. Not worth it, plus I don't plan on washing the pencil pouch before it is used so they would be there forever.

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