Monday, September 21, 2009

Monogram sizing

Before I show you the finished monogram, I thought you might like to see how it sized. Size is a big deal with embroidery - from the size of hoop your machine will take, to the size of the embroidery design, to being able to re-size or scale a design to make it fit your particular project.

The monogram software I'm using has plenty of size options. It defaults to metric but you can change it to standard (I didn't because my hoops all have the metric sizes printed on them, and I am a super visual learner, so being able to grab a 120 x 120 hoop and say "wow that design would never fit on a toddler's t-shirt" is big for me).

When I started the monogram for the pencil pouch I left all the settings as is in the 4D Monogram and Vision software. I could have changed the size of the lettering from the get go, but didn't. I either wasn't paying attention to that little box or didn't even think about it at the time.

So here is another little secret - I test sew everything. Yep, everything. Every design I have ever stitched onto a garment, bag, anything has been stitched previously on a scrap. I learn so much when I test a design. I get to see the color changes first hand, how the colors really work together and not just on a screen, the finished size of a design, etc. I have so many stitch-outs I have considered framing them, using them in quilts, something - I just haven't figured out how yet.

So the monogram on top is straight from software. Out of the box - I choose the font and the flourishes and stitched away.

The middle sized monogram is from my machine. The Designer Topaz 30 will scale a design plus or minus 20%. I thought it came out pretty well. The letters are clear and pretty easy to read.

Then I went back to the software and increased the font to 50mm. Wow - talk about clear! Even the curls are crisp.

From here it is just about what fits best on the 5" x 7" pencil pouch. But I will show you that tomorrow.

Until then I will share a peak at my weekend fun - just getting in as much fun and sunshine as Northern Ohio has to offer this time of year. And yes - those roller coasters in the background are Cedar Point.

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  1. I WISH I was as thorough as you! I hardly ever test a stitch out!!! Had some WHOPPERS, when will I learn? Cedar Point is so much FUN, I went there as a kid when we visited my Aunt, she lives in Vermillion! It is SO pretty up there!