Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pencil pouch progression

The alliteration was just too much to pass up! It may even have to continue for the entire project.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! nothing like saying goodbye to summer with a long weekend.

Aside from being a quick and fun back to school project the pencil pouch was intended to be a stash project. There are plenty of fat quarter or fat quarter sized scraps lovingly organized in my stash. But did my girl like any of them? Nope. Just the yard of
Joel Dewberry Antler Damask I've been hoarding all summer.

So we made a compromise. I get to save my tarragon beauty for another day and she gets to pick whatever she wants from JoAnn's. I can not begin to tell you what I was thinking.

I should have taken a picture before I cut it, but I didn't. So here you get to see her fabric choices ( a lovely pewter pleather and a
navy bamboo brocade) and a peak of the pieces all cut out.

Before I cut the brocade I stabilized it with the Inspira Light and Soft Fuse On embroidery stabilizer that seems to be my new favorite. I used it for a few reasons: to keep the brocade from unraveling any more than possible, to give the pouch exterior some body without being stiff, and because it is on hand in my sewing supplies and has proven itself in the past.

Not a lot of sewing for a long weekend, but plenty of measuring, ironing and cutting!

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