Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sit and sew

Everyone knows this is taking way too long. So I decided just give it a half hour. Sit and sew, devote a half hour to this poor little pouch. No TV, no radio, no chores, no book, no cooking, no homework, nothing but sewing for 30 minutes.

It was fantastic! I got the ring and little tab in place for the wristlet piece. Although, as a was working on it I thought about how cute the pouch would be a little rounder, with the strap attached to the zipper ..... need to put that thought into my sewing sketch book for later ...

Next was sewing the pouch closed. At this point it looks like a butterfly. I remembered to open the zipper halfway (soooooo going to need that later to turn it right side out. Then I went pin crazy. I didn't want to distort the pouch shape by not positioning it around the zipper properly.

I got a little pin crazy on the slippery brocade, but was really careful on the vinyl. Everything shows on the vinyl. Every pin, every wrinkle, it makes my crazy!
Unfortunately I didn't take a picture as I was sewing. I double stitched this seam, it is probably overkill, but who knows what she will really put in here. It was intended for pencils, but knowing my girl it will be lunch money, rocks, lone earrings and whatever else wouldn't fit in her pocket that day.

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