Thursday, September 24, 2009

And so the plan changes

I honestly believed that if I made a list, I would make some serious progress in the pencil pouch.

So I looking at the next item on the list "6. Cut, iron, fold, and stitch the tab that the wristlet piece will attach to" and I have a moment.

How long has it been since made a strap? For anything? Even a little tiny wristlet strap? Ummm, ummm, I can't remember how. No seriously I sat and looked at the fabric for a solid 15 minutes hoping for a light bulb moment.

So I contemplated option 1 - cut two pieces, stitch them together wrong side out, turn them right side out and finish. This works, for something much bigger. For a tiny little tab I would be better off hand sewing it, and I have no intention of hand sewing the brocade.

Option 2 - same as option 1 but buy a Fasturn Set. I love a good sewing tool, but I want this pouch done, not a work in progress waiting for something to ship.

And then the moment happens - option 3 - Cut one piece, but cut it four times as wide as you need and sew the unfinished bit inside and top stitch. Ta da!

Seriously - could I have made something so simple anymore difficult?

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