Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pencil pouch recap and status

This pencil pouch is the project that will never end. I could have sewn a king size quilt by now, but nope - still working on one little pouch. But it will be a master piece!

So progress so far has been -

1. Cut the fabric and lining
2. Insert the zipper
3. Create the monogram
4. Test stitch the monogram, re-size and test stitch a couple more times
5. Stitch the monogram

Here is what I anticipate the next few steps to be -

6. Cut, iron, fold, and stitch the tab that the wristlet piece will attach to
7. Insert the tab and ring for the wristlet loop
8. Sew the exterior closed
9. Sew the lining closed (minus the hole it will be turned right side out from)
10. Turn the pouch right side out
11. Finish sewing the lining closed
12. Cut, iron, fold and stitch what will be the wristlet loop that the pouch is carried by
13. Attach the wristlet loop to the hardware
14. Attach the completed wristlet loop to the pouch

Now that I have a list I will be a woman on a mission. I love a list and a fresh black Sharpie marker. Makes me feel great to cross things off. And yes - I have put things on a list that were already done just to have the joy of crossing them off!

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