Monday, November 23, 2009

The first Texture Hoop project

Some sewing supplies are purchased with a distinct purpose or goal in mind. The Texture Hoop was not. It looked fun and different and as I was standing in the dealer's store I had visions of gifts and potential.

But those ideas were lost the moment I did not write them down or sketch them out. So now here I am looking to the embroidery hoop and my stash for inspiration, or a starting point.

The free sewing project that comes with the Husqvarna Viking Texture Hoop is a quilt. Well, they call it a quilt - but to me it looks an awful lot like a quilted table runner.

The finished size is listed as 78"x27", which screams table runner to me and don't get me started on that super timely red. Very holidayish without screaming "I can only be used one week out of the year".

So this is on the potential list of first projects for this fun little hoop.
But as always, I am open to suggestions. What do you think the first project should be?

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