Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Husqvarna Viking Texture Hoop

Everyone knows I have looked at this embroidery hoop before. The reality is - I don't need another embroidery hoop, and I could probably figure out a way to embroider over yarn and ribbon and fantastic sparkly stuff without a special hoop.

But I have wanted it since the first time I saw it. And I could make Christmas gifts with it (I know complete and total justification) So I bought one for myself.

Look at everything that comes with this hoop! I thought I would open the package and find the standard two piece embroidery hoop in there. Nope, this baby comes with so much!

I gave you the specs before but quick recap - it is a 150 x 150 hoop (or about 6" x 6").

It comes with the template, ribbon clips, corner clips, 2 free embroidery designs, a code to download more from the Husqvarna Viking website, 6 stitches, a clip remover, and sewing instructions for a special project.

I also have to say that the instructions that come with the hoop are fantastic. Basic how to plus some tips and tricks and some great inspiration.

This hoop has so much potential - I can't wait to sew something with it!

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