Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Husqvarna Viking Texture Hoop and Embroidery Collection

Has anyone seen this? Used it? I am tempted.

  • I like tools. I firmly believe that having the right tool makes any job easier, faster, and the finished product better. It also means that I like gadgets. For sewing and embroidery this means lots of toys - I mean supplies.

    I stopped by my local dealer the other day and she gave me an update to my Accessory User's Guide. This hoop and embroidery collection totally caught my eye.

    Here is what I know so far .....
  • The hoop is 150 mm x 150 mm (this is the same size as the Do All Quilters Hoop that I LOVE.
  • This embroidery hoop has holes in the top piece of the hoop that you can run yarn, ribbon, lace, chenille, maybe even beads and sequins through.
  • Then you have little clips that hold the ribbon in place.
  • Then you embroider over it.
  • The embroidery collection has 20 designs that can be used with and without the additional texture.
  • It looks the designs are made to work with a variety of ribbon directions and quantities.

So I am wondering, before I make the investment has anyone used this? Seen anything made with it?

How do you finish the edges of the ribbon that fall outside the embroidery design? Can you use it with other design collections? Is it fun or tedious?

I am thinking that it could make really nice blankies, add some dimension to a handbag, be great as the back of a jacket, or I could keep going with the pillow theme and make some updates to the living room!


  1. hmm I wonder what it is like..I have not seen one here in nz.

  2. I've embroidered on ribbon before with just a hoop and "sticky" stabilizer, but that looks a little more precise. Just from looking at the picture, it looks like the ribbon is sewed into the seam of the quilt block. I've always wanted to try one of those magnet hoops.

  3. just purchased it and I am in the process of making a fun pillow. I used the roller foot to sew down the trim that was outside the embroidered part. I think I will use it