Thursday, December 3, 2009

Texture Hoop: The Illustrated Directions

I may have surrendered my quest for the perfect first project for my new Texture Hoop. Not because of a lack of ideas or inspiration - actually the opposite. I may be overwhelmed. I know embroidery is just surface embellishment (at it's finest I dare say) but to be able to give some dimension and texture to my designs has just starts so many ideas and possibilities I can't possibly make them all.

So I am just going to play with the hoop like a kid with a new box of crayons and see what happens.

But, before I play it only makes sense to read the directions. Or at least look at the pictures of the directions.

A - So like any other embroidery hoop your fabric and stabilizer.

B - Use the grooves in the hoop and these fantastic little clips to add your choice of yarn, ribbon, flotsam or jetsam to your heart's content. There are even special clips for the corners.

C - Use the template that came with the Texture Hoop to see how your ribbon/yarn/whatever will fit with your embroidery design.

D - Use the handy little clip remover to life them off and reposition/remove any "ribbon" you like.

Illustrations E and F only apply to the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond or Designer SE. If you have one of those machines you can make and embroider designs with stitches.

I have the Designer Topaz 30, so I can't do that. But from those illustrations I took away two things: use a water soluble stabilizer to hold down your "ribbon" while the machine embroiders AND baste like there is no tomorrow.
Not to raid my stash and start experimenting .....

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