Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buying a Pfaff

I've been thinking about what I want to sew - it seemed like a logical place if I am going to buy a machine for myself.

Years ago I sewed clothes for my little girl (not so little anymore), did some basic altering for me (as my size went up and down) and tried a few creative but not so successful projects for the house.

With this in mind I have been searching for the perfect sewing machine for my creative outlet.

One of the finalists is the Pfaff select 4.0

It has 40 different stitches, comes with some additional feet (rolled hem foot, darning foot and something else), and has IDT which everyone I know who owns a Pfaff talks about.

And here is something that makes it even better, the dealer that I went to was really nice. I think I asked the same questions about five different machines. She let me play with all of them, and the select 4.0 was my favorite - I think. Oh my, how to choose?

My sewing machine shopping isn't complete, but so far this is my favorite.

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