Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bias Binder in action

Back to our previously scheduled broadcast.

Here is a peak of the Bias Binder in action. When I asked around about using this thing it really got mixed reviews. I've got to say I see why.

I think with some practice I could get accustom to it and maybe even use it well, but out of the box it was a little odd. Feeding the bias tape into it was no big deal. Getting started was fine. Not having a bunch of pins to work around was great. So why am I not screaming from the roof tops "Go buy this sewing tool! It rocks! It will make bias tape the easiest sewing task ever!"?

Probably because I wasn't very coordinated feeding the fabric because I was watching the Bias Binder work away, which created a few little do-overs. The Bias Binder was efficient and effective, the user just needs some more skill.

I'm not giving up on it, but I'm not putting it up there with sliced bread - how is that for an honest product review?

On a high note, now that the pool robe edges are finished the only tasks left are some embroidery and a sash. This means the robe could make its debut this weekend!

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