Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good intentions

I had every intention of playing with the Bias Binder last night and making a towel look like a robe. Really I did.

Then this happened.

An absolutely delightful surprise bouquet delivered to my living room. In a pickle jar.

These were hijacked from my yard and I don't care. My little girl cut them for me and put them where I would see them when I got home just because. Are you serious? Just because. That was her whole reason and I love it!

So instead of sewing and playing with my new sewing tool we spent some quality time together on the couch playing with some beads. We ventured to lovely Toledo, Ohio last weekend and came across a great little bead shop, Meant to Bead. If you are in the area it is totally worth a stop. They have a great selection and the ladies were super sweet.

After some measuring and composing Katie has a lovely new bracelet and I still have a huge smile.

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