Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pool robe progress and a new sewing tool ...

Progress on the pool robe is going so well!

I was way too nervous about sewing the two layers of terry together. My sewing machine ran over the terry like it was nothing. No snagging, no tension issue, no adjustments, it was amazing. I didn't even use a teflon foot or anything special. Seriously, made my selection on the sewing advisor, selected a zig zag stitch and went. I got the shoulder and side seams done in one sitting.

And we even have a first fitting to share:
The sleeve shape came out so well, super scientific measuring worked, and the wrap shape is a go! Talk about an all around win.

I can't decide if I want to tackle the binding, sash or embroidery tonight.

I have this little Bias Binder I wanted to try, so tonight might be about making my own Bias Tape. I have had mixed results in the past, so I am hoping that with the help of this tool and my machine it will be much simpler.

Here is the information that swayed me towards this little guy:

"To bind edges with 1/2" (12mm) Bias Binding, cut a 2" (50mm) wide bias strip of light weight fabric, or use packaged extra wide double fold Bias Binding. Straight stitch, length 2.5, or zig zag, or decorative stitch at desired length.

1. Snap on Bias Binder.

2. Cut the end of the bias tape to a point. Insert the bias tape from the outside of the funnel guide, into the slot and pull it down under the foot.

3. Place the edge to be bound into the groove on the left side of the funnel guide.

4. Adjust needle position as needed or to adjust the position f the binder funnel/guide loosen the screw on the top of the foot and position the funnel guide as needed."

If this means I can make all the bias tape I want, with any fabric I want (ok, almost) and attach it with ease sign me up for a new tool in my sewing tool box.

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