Monday, August 17, 2009

Fuchsia fluff

I have little bits of fuchsia fluff everywhere!

Upcycling, recycling, restyling, whatever you want to call it has some serious benefits, both for me the sewer and the environment. But working with a towel? What was I thinking? That nice deep pile of terry has turned into fluff all over my sewing area.

Steps so far have been:
  1. Fold the towel in half
  2. Measure towel and child
  3. Determine and cut sleeve shape
  4. Cut side seam
  5. Cut towel along fold to separate the front and back pieces

    Here is this weekends progress ...
This is the back piece folded in half perpendicular. Then the sliver of what will be the back of the neck was trimmed away.

I wanted more of a feminine wrap style, so instead of the round neck from the original tutorial I cut this into a V. If I make this robe again I might exaggerate this a bit more and put it off center to really push the wrap shape.

Here is the front split open. This is where my "fabric" started to look like pattern pieces (instead of a towel that got a little bleach splatter on it and was finding a new life).

Tonight will be all about the sewing. I think the side and shoulder seams are next. I am a little concerned about sewing the layers together - the terry is very fluffy and with two layers could be a beast. It's not as cumbersome as a quilt or even a bag with multiple layers and interfacing, but I am contemplating using a walking foot anyway. I'm also going to go back to my User's Guide and read through the Sewing Advisor section again, having the stitch length and tension set for me was so nice on a little bag I can't imagine what it will be like on this!

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