Monday, August 24, 2009

What a glorious weekend

Ok, it wasn't really. Saturday was grey and rainy and cold enough in my corner of Northern Ohio to close the windows while I sewed and embroidered my little heart out. But - the pool robe is finished!

It was so cold and yucky out that I didn't even want to go on a supply run for some lightweight interfacing. I was going to use it in the sash to give it a little body so it didn't get all scrunched up when she wears it.

Then I had a light bulb moment. Why not use something I have readily available as a replacement for the interfacing? I swapped out some Inspira Light and Soft Fuse On stabilizer for the interfacing and it worked great!

I also added some embroidery to the back of the robe. I cold have gone with some applique like in the tutorial, but why have a sewing and embroidery machine if you aren't going to use it?

Embroidering on the terry cloth of the towel concerned me a bit at first (I have heard horror stories about it not turning out well - everything from the embroidery design getting lost in the pile to major registration issues). But I dove in head first.

This method worked awesome for me (I was sooooo not going to try to hoop the towel):
- hoop a double layer of tear away stabilizer
- use some KK2000 to adhere the robe/towel to the stabilizer
- top the robe/towel with a lightweight water soluble stabilizer
- use the FIX function in my machine to baste the stabilizer, towel, topper sandwich
- embroidery away

The tear away stabilizer was so easy to get off the inside of the robe and didn't leave any scratchy bit for my little girl to complain about, and the topper dissolved away so easily.

So here it is, ta da ..... one completed Summer Pool Robe! And let's hope there is enough Summer left for her to use it!

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  1.!! Love it, very cute design and such pretty embroidery!